Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stay Curious

The words came to me from the television and stuck to me like the bubble gum my daughter had been making.
Stay curious.
I spent this afternoon at my brother and sister-in-law's house, and watched my one-year-old nephew exist in a constant state of curiousness. He wanted to know what was going on everywhere, and be a part of everything. He crawled over to the end table and pulling himself up, he was curious as to what had been placed upon the table since he had last been there. He picked up play-doh his sister had been playing with and put it to his mouth, curious as to the taste. He was curious about the wheels on the bottom of a toy and turned it over to spin them with his hand, round and round. Then he was under the diningroom table, trying to find his way around. It's amazing to watch children being naturally curious.
When did we stop being curious?
I put the question out on Facebook and the answers that came back were good. Curiousity stops when we are told to sit still in school and when we are told to stop asking so many questions by adults who don't have the answers. I guess we learn that it's not socially acceptable and a bit annoying to those around us. We learn, we conform, we grow up. We fit in, but we stop being curious.
Maybe curiousity stops when we reach that age when we think we have all of the answers (wouldn't it be great if we outgrew that stage instead?). We know what we like and what we don't like. Everything has been decided.
I remember visiting Las Vegas with a friend a couple of years ago and he wanted to show me the fountains at the Bellagio hotel. We were standing just inside the hotel, and my friend wanted me to go outside with him to watch the show. It was a bit chilly so I said I preferred to watch the fountain show from inside. He insisted we go outside so I eventually gave in and followed him. That fountain show was one of the most amazing moments of that trip and would not have been the same experience if I had watched from inside. We danced together to the music, right there on the sidewalk in front of the fountains, with not a care in the world for that moment. He had pushed me to be curious.
What does it mean to be curious?
Obviously we can't go back to our childhood (now wouldn't that be amazing!) but we can do some things to foster more of a curious existence. We can begin by challenging ourselves in those things we assume we know. What if we tried something new to eat that we were sure we wouldn't enjoy? What if we visited a place we never thought of going to or picked up a book completely different from what we usually read and become curious about what it's all about? Is there something you always wondered about or were interested in but it was never a convenient time or very practical to persue? Be curious! Start challenging the status quo.
For me, being curious will mean I will try to be more open to new people, new ideas and new adventures. I will be conscious to not make assumptions based on past experiences and I will endeavor to not make judgements about things so quickly. I want to question and challenge everything now.
What about you? What can you do to be more curious?
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up." ~Picasso

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mr. Cohen

The first time I heard about Leonard Cohen, I was in university - believe it or not, he was a part of the curriculum of my first university course on contemporary Canada. A Canadian legend, my professor explained how Mr. Cohen was also known to be quite the "ladies man" and how, on a flight to one of his homes in the Greek islands, a flight attendant he had become chatty with, had decided to leave with him by the end of the flight.
Leonard Cohen is known for his poetry and song, but what made me fall in love with him was the way in which he tells a story. There's something magical about him, I of course not being the first (or last) woman to see that in him.
A little while ago I came across this video from George Stroumboulopoulos' site on Mr. Cohen and thought I'd share the link here. Be inspired by the story he tells and don't be surprised if you too fall in love. Click here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Start Your Journey

Dare to live. Start your journey by walking down that road (you know the one), if only because it feels right. Period. Begin because you can't not begin. Something is driving you to go.

There have been a few distinct paths I have taken throughout my life - the last couple have been conscious choices (always good to be awake when making life-defining changes!). What is most importat to me is that I am on the path I am supposed to be on. And in fact, my path may never make me millions of dollars and I may not even succeed in what I hope to accomplish, but that's okay. I started some things I'm passionate about, I took the chance and did something. That's what life is all about for me and I am fueled by a desire to live life to the fullest, go after what I want, live large and have fun! I've decided I'm going to dare to live. Will you?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What's the Good?

Yesterday at work, I got a call from my doctor. He was calling to report on the results of some tests I had done a couple of weeks ago at my annual physical examination. It is the first time he has ever called me. Doctors only call if there is something wrong.

Thankfully, it wasn't really bad news, there was a bit of concern over one of the tests and I will have to get checked out again next spring. But still, it freaked me out a little. I've always been really healthy, so I didn't know what to do with this.

I hung up the phone and sat and stared at my computer. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Then I told myself that everything was going to be just fine. I couldn't do anything until the spring anyway, so there was no use in worrying. I breathed. I told a friend. I called my mom, but she wasn't home. I worried again, then felt okay. I panicked for a bit, then settled. I went for a walk. I talked it out. And I asked myself, "What's the good?"

That was the turning point.

You see, in the midst of bad news, or what looks to be a bad situation, there is usually a good side to it.. usually. I mean, on any given day I have the opportunity to look at quite a few things in either a positive or a negative light- every day!

So the good- there is actually so much good in this. The good is that it wasn't really bad news, it could have been so much worse. And it sort of gave me a kick in the pants to remember again not to take life for granted. Dreams are for persuing and life is for living to the max. I remembered how much I wanted to travel with my daughter and experience things with her. This was all good.

The other good thing is that life seems to be teaching me lately that I can't control everything, so the best way to deal with uncertainty is to make room for it and be okay with it. I realized I was being taught this lesson again and know that when I remember to make room for uncertainty, it brings a feeling of peace and contentment.

So what about you? Finding the good can apply to so many situations- job loss, break down of a relationship and so many others. In your situation, right here, right now.. what's the good?

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Direction

Over the next couple of weeks you will witness this blog undergo a transformation. Kind of a representation really, of what I have been going through over the past little while.
A few of you are aware that I have begun training to become a life purpose/personal development coach (not quite sure what name I prefer yet), and to date I have two intense courses under my belt. Three more to go and then I begin the certification process..
In the meantime, I intend to deepen my coaching experience (and start changing the world!) by taking on some new clients and sharing my thoughts on life coaching - what it is and how it can help.. on this blog.
During my last course, one of the projects we worked on was creating a life purpose statement - the culmination of a bunch of different exercises that led up to that point. The exercise consisted of determining the impact we wanted to make in the world, premised by an object we considered a metaphor for who we are. In the end, the statement I declared in front of my class was, "I am the ocean that carries people to the land of choices."
And that really is my goal with coaching: to let people know they have choices, even when they don't think they do.
I started this blog a couple of years ago with no idea what I wanted to write about. I think it took me two months just to come up with a title. All I knew at the time was that I had a whole lot going on in my head at times and writing seemed to be a good way for me to get it out.
With a new direction in mind, I decided to read through some of my previous blog posts the other night, thinking I would probably need to move some elsewhere, but realized that most of what I've written fits perfectly with where I'm going next with this, which is kind of cool when you think about it.
Stay tuned!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Start Small

I've always been a bit bothered by the quote "dream big" because I didn't believe I could. I knew for some people, big dreams came naturally, but for me, not so much. I felt a little envious, a little bit left out. I realized this during one of my first sessions with my coach. He asked me to describe my perfect day. I struggled. I told him that in my perfect day, I wake up in Mexico, go to the beach first thing in the morning to take in the early morning stillness of the ocean. I continue my morning by doing some interesting work on my laptop at Starbucks and spend the afternoon back at the beach. I meet friends for dinner and we discuss opportunities and dreams. However, a big part of my life is missing from this "perfect day," namely my daughter, and that's why it really wasn't my perfect day after all. I realized from this exercise that I didn't allow myself to dream.. I mean, really dream. I didn't think to imagine my life in Mexico WITH my daughter. It wasn't an option and it's still not an option, but really, what's the harm of dreaming, even if your dreams seem impossible? One thing I've learned, especially lately, is what you imagine your life to be, it can be. Hold it in your thoughts and watch life bring it to you.. often differently than what was envisioned.. sometimes it's even better. But anything you create.. begins first in your mind.
During my last trip to Mexico, I spent a day with my friend, B. We had this wonderful conversation about dreams and dreaming big, as we feasted on fish at a little restaurant in Akumal. B told me that his dreams had started small, but then got bigger as he began accomplishing more. A trained (and very good!) chef, B dreamed of living at a beach location and cooking at a beachside restaurant. Then he dreamed of owning the beachfront restaurant. Now, B dreams of owning a small, beachside resort, which would of course, include an awesome restaurant.
I once believed I was just one of those people who couldn't dream big, but now I realize the secret.. start small, and build your dreams, one upon another as your confidence in what you can accomplish grows. With each accomplishment gained, every goal reached, dreams will continue to grow and get bigger. Start small.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are all Creative, Resourceful and Whole

It’s one of the first things we learn at co-active coach training. In fact, early on, I remember one of our instructors saying, “if there’s anything you take from this, let it be that you know nothing” – referring to our temptation to try and solve others’ problems with what we think is best for them, instead of leading them to their own answers. It’s because we have the answers already, for ourselves and as far as others go, we indeed know nothing.

We are Creative
I am going to step out on a limb here and say that we are all creative. Thinking back to when we were children and what we enjoyed doing can sometimes point us to our area of creativity. You may not be able to paint, draw, or twist balloons into cool animal shapes, but I be there is a creative side of you in there somewhere. It’s just sometimes not so obvious. Some people are good at taking over a business and turning it around, making it profitable – that too is creativity! Creativity can be so useful in helping us get closer to the life we want to live. It allows us to problem-solve, to arrange steps in the desired direction and imagination to picture what life could be. We are creative in thinking through challenges to possible solutions. All of us may go about it in a unique way, but the ability to be creative is within each of us.

We are Resourceful
Once you realize that you are resourceful, the less others’ opinions will matter. We all know what we want or don’t want. We can feel it, and that’s good enough. I know for myself, I usually feel it before I can explain it. And just because I can’t explain a decision doesn’t make it any less authentic. It’s usually a while later that I’ll look back and realize with words why I felt a certain way about a situation. You can trust your feelings. A coach can be helpful here in assisting a person in unearthing what is already there – but that is the key – the answer is there. Everything you need is within you.

We are Whole
For a big part of my life, I believed the opposite of this – I was taught that I was in need of something outside of myself to make me whole. What freedom when I realized that that line of thinking was rooted in fear and control and that it was just plain wrong. Know that you are perfect and whole just as you are, and in need of nothing to make you into something better. You are awesome!

And one more reminder - everything you need is within you – creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness. Don’t forget it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beaches & Sunsets

This week is the one week during the summer when I steal away with my daughter to Port Elgin, Ontario, located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. If you've been following my blog posts you know that this is a place I have come to pretty much every summer since I was a child.

As I looked across the lake from the beach the other day, the thought occurred to me that, although I have visited the beaches of Mexico numerous times over the past couple of years, as well as many other beaches throughout the Caribbean, I still find this place beautiful. In fact, I think it may look especially beautiful now. Because I have become so accustomed to the beaches of Mexico, I notice the differences between the two places more. I looked across the shoreline and noticed how green the trees were against the colours of the beach and water. The sand is a dark brown and compact. Pieces of driftwood are scattered along the sand, as well as pieces of green seaweed, large rocks and tiny shells. There's a real wilderness feel here that is unique and beautiful all on its own.

There's a winding road (and now a bike path!) that runs along the beach, pretty much from Port Elgin to Southampton. It's the prettiest drive, although my eyes are naturally drawn to the dark blue and turquoise water when they should be on the road. My daughter and I stopped for a picnic lunch one day and the view was breathtaking.

Of course, for any of you who are familiar with this area, residents pride themselves in what they claim are the best sunsets anywhere. In fact, a crowd will gather each night at the marina in Port Elgin or the end of the main street in Southampton that leads down to the lake to watch nature put on her show. Camera's click away at the fiery display, and often times a round a of applause follows.

Then, turning to walk back, the moon.

It's good to be back.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Month, A New Beginning

There are a couple of people I see every once in a while and every time I see them, the conversation goes exactly like this: "Hi Wendy! You look great, as usual." Let me emphasize here - they do not say "Hi Wendy! You look great, as usual!!" Instead, they say it in a way that makes me think what they're really thinking is, "Hey Wendy, when are you going to start falling apart?" Now before you stop reading, I promise, this is not a post on how good I look. In fact, after a summer diet of peanut butter chocolate ice cream and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and after shopping for bikinis today (hint: don't do that), looking good is really not top of mind.

The conversation continues, in the same way every time. Them: "What do you do to keep in shape?" Me: "Run." And the questions start - "Where do you run, how far do you run, when do you have the time to run???" Then the questions start about food. Them: "What do you eat, when do you eat, how much do you eat, do you eat this, do you eat that???" I can almost see them computing how much they would need to exercise, how much they would need to eat or not eat, to see change. The funny thing is, we are all the same.

We all want to put in the least amount of effort, but gain the maximum, most outstanding results.

Even funnier, as reasonable people, we know what we put into something will determine what we get out of it, yet we keep putting in the bare minimum, hoping for better results each time.

What if we tried something different? What if we actually put in a little more effort or tried a little harder in accomplishing our goals? Even a little bit?

What if I were to add one kilometre to my running route every week? What if I decided to stop eating meat for one month, trying out some healthier, alternative protein sources? What if I were to cut junk food from my diet for the next month? What if, within one month's time, I were to share with ten people what it is I want to do with my life? What would those results look like, if I put in just a little more effort?

Today is August 2nd. It's a new month, a new beginning. Where can you put in a little more effort, how can you push a little harder, or give a little more attention to this month? And then.. what will those results look like?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Letting Fear Decide

I recently discovered that I make far too many decisions out of fear. Once I realized this, I could see it everywhere. Opportunities present themselves and many time I have let fear decide what I do with the opportunity.

Last month I completed my first course on my way to becoming a Co-Active Coach. It was painful. The teaching set-up consisted of 26 chairs in a circle, and we were all put on the spot at least a couple of times, in front of the whole group. Not my idea of fun. Not even my idea of comfortable. But do you know what? I lived in the feeling of fear all the way through the weekend and was proud of myself for sticking with it and pretty much forcing myself to go through it. I didn't give up, or throw in the towel. I didn't let fear decide.

At the course I, along with the other participants, considered our options going forward. There would be a few more courses to take before we could be certified. That's when fear kicked in again. It began with me thinking that, as an introvert, perhaps this method of teaching "just wasn't for me" and maybe I needed to consider another school with more of a lecture-style format. But as I sat with this idea, and as the weekend unfolded and I was stretched and pushed beyond my limits, I began to wonder if maybe this uncomfortable learning method was actually really good for me.

I spoke to one of the volunteer assistants at the course, presenting my dilemma, and after a bit of discussion, and realizing that fear was at the base of my indecision, he simply asked, "Are you deciding or are you letting fear decide?"

I have signed up for the next course in October. Yes, I'm terrified, but I am bigger than my fear. I will do it and no doubt emerge stretched beyond my limits once again. One of the instructors asked the class at one point during the weekend, "If you are bigger than your fear, what does that look like?" I can only imagine and can't wait to find out!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finding Your Fit

During my visit to Playa del Carmen, Mexico last April, I began most of my nights with a glass of wine at a local bar, di Vino, located on the corner of 5th Avenue and calle 12. It was usually the place to meet up with friends to start the evening. If truth be told, we met there specifically because of our favourite bartender, Juan. You can read my previous blog post on Juan - who he is, what he’s accomplished, and why he’s so special.

So an update. Juan began his response to my “como estas?“ one night in the way only Juan can: “Have you ever waken up in the morning and the sun is shining so much brighter, the birds are singing so much sweeter, and life just seems so much richer?” Honestly, I thought Juan had the “don’t worry, be happy” mantra figured out already. Always smiling and happy, how could Juan be even more happy? Juan didn’t let me in to his secret to his new-found happiness that night, but the following night he spilled the beans. Seems that Juan had started a new part-time job that involved selling. It was a new opportunity, a new challenge. He was loving it. “You know,” he said sort of sheepishly, “I think I’m a really good salesperson.” He said it in a way that said he hadn’t known. “Of course you are!” I responded, surprised he didn't know this already. “Why do you think I come to this bar? Why do you think people from all over the world stop in here? It’s because of you.” About a month ago I saw an update on Facebook from Juan that he would be soon leaving his job at di Vino to “share the love worldwide.” I wondered if he realized he was already sharing his love worldwide, each time he served a drink to a Mexican local or to the tourists from all over the world?

There were two things I took from Juan during this trip. First, when you are presented with a good opportunity, take it. I got the feeling Juan didn’t know at the beginning of this new venture that he would be successful, but I bet he suspected he may be. Go ahead and take that leap you've been pondering and see what happens. Life really is sweeter when you're doing what you are meant to do. And secondly, often our gifts to the world are so natural to us and so a part of who we are, we are unable to see them as being special. Juan was surprised that selling came so easy to him, but it had been easy to him all along, just in other ways. Consider your gifts and contributions (who you are) as being special and unique to you, and use them to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. In seizing opportunities and using our gifts, we find our fit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

20 Beaches and Counting: Maracus & Las Cuevas Beaches, Trinidad

Roma was my closest friend for many years, mainly throughout my 20's and early 30's. We met at church and were soon inseparable. When she moved back to her native Trinidad, I was crushed. It was as if a part of me had gone with her.

In the years that followed, I visited Roma in Trinidad every chance I got. Aside from reuniting with my best friend, taking a day trip to both Maracus beach and Las Cuevas beach were the highlight of each trip. Trinidad is an interesting country in many ways, to say the least. And getting to the beaches is not an easy feat. The beaches are of course located along the coast of the island, but getting to them means driving up and over mountains, upon extremely narrow roads. But once there.. ahhh, it' so worth the time and effort. Never crowded, Trinidad's beaches are naturally so beautiful. It was always well worth the visit.
Two things have stuck in my mind from those days spent on the beaches of Trinidad. One was the first time seeing a cashew tree and being amazed to see one cashew on each fruit (no wonder they're so expensive!). I also got my worse sunburn on one of those trips, on a cloudy day at the beach. I somehow thought a cloudy day meant sunblock was optional and I had opted out. A big mistake, it was a bad burn, but I learned after that to love my skin, in spite of it's whiteness. Another great memory was a cook-out one night with friends. As the sun went down, Roma and I took one last dip in the ocean and then ended the day just "liming" (Trini for "hanging out") with friends, awesome food and drink. Ah, those were the days.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Dad

Today I found out that my dad died. Last year. Sometime. I can't remember the last time I wrote the words "my" and "dad" together. Probably never. My mom had located my half-brother and he told her.

My dad had four kids from two relationships and chose not to know any of them. I remember him when I was really little, and have nothing but good memories. Lots of them. My brother isn't as fortunate, he has no memories, he was so young. Just questions. Still. That's what had led to my mom looking for my half-brother..

I am sad. I'm sad that my dad apparently died alone. He chose a life of seclusion. At the expense of his kids. What a waste of a life. I'm sad that my brother was cheated out of having a father. He deserved to have a dad, still does.

A chapter is closed.. RIP Thomas James Greene.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thought I Had it All Figured Out

It seems I've been in this place before.. many times before, in fact. It follows a period of having all my shit figured out. And then you're here, and you know that change is imminent but you don't know how it's going to play out or how you're going to make it all work so that it well, works.

I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life, or "when i grew up," but I'm realizing now that what I thought i was going to be doing over the next number of years was merely a step in the direction of what I was actually going to be doing. I am closer now to knowing what it is I was meant to do, what my "genius" is, as my good friend calls it, and it scares the heck out of me because it's a big change. It will mean new training and it will mean stepping out into something new and unknown, and well, that's scary enough, don't you think?

And it's so funny how life/universe/God sends things your way when you most need it. Lately I've read a couple of posts from a couple of ladies I admire (and who I have recently discovered, but see, discovered them at the very moment I needed them) who have written about not having it all figured out, and that it's ok. In fact, it's normal and expected in the life of someone who wants to keep growing, reaching, searching for a life that completely fits, and brings us closer to who we are and what we were meant for.

If you are searching, or unsatisfied with the status quo and and looking for something better.. that better fit with who you are, please don't give up. Keep searching, keep reaching. You will will find what you are looking for, I so guarantee it. And if you need a little additional encouragement, visit these ladies.. I've linked their recent blog posts that rock! They are full of life, inspiration and honesty, just what you need at a time like this: Tia Sparkles & Sally Hope.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Be Scared to be Free

The concept of freedom has many faces, depending on who you are and where you live. In recent months we have seen country after country in the Middle East and Northern Africa run after freedom like a bull charging a matador's red cape. Their mission has been a loud, fantastic expression of what has been there for some time, a bubbling over of disappointment and rage, and hopes and dreams for freedom and a brighter future.

Even if we are not fighting for political freedoms, we are all the same in that we crave freedom. Freedom from what? It depends, but generally it's freedom from anything that holds us, preventing us from living an authentic life- freedom from a dead-end job, or from a relationship that has run its course and ceases to work. Maybe it's freedom to do something only dreamed of before, such as travel or education. Probably one of the most dabilitating fears is the fear to be free. We're scared to change, afraid of the unknown, frightened of what people may think of us, scared of making a wrong decision, and we don't want to hurt anyone at the expense of our choices.

However, unless we are willing to roll over and accept life's consolation prize, freedom must be sought, it must be fought for. We all deserve to live the lives we were called to live. We are responsible for our own happiness.

I was inspired to write this blog after listening to the words of the song "Letting Go" by Sean Kingston (I know, not a place you would expect to find inspiration). If you can look past the literal translation of the words (remember, we are talking Sean Kingston here), they are quite beautiful - "What if you would just come right out of these clothes? You can finally feel the wind when it blows. Don't be scared to be free, to let go." Whatever "clothes" we wear to hide who we really are, or what we really want out of this life, it's time to take them off, feel the wind and let go. Don't be scared to be free.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

20 Beaches and Counting: Tampa Bay, Florida

Located on the Gulf of Mexico side of the state of Florida, Tampa Bay reminds me of a time in my life when I took my first adventurous leap into the world of travel. I was 17 and had never been on a plane before. After learning that a great-uncle (whom I had never met) was living in Florida, I decided at that moment to book a flight to Tampa and embark on my first real trip.

I booked a flight on USAir (I still remember the airline) and flew to Tampa to meet my great uncle. He was lovely and so was his neighbour, Naomi. What I remember most about that trip were evening walks with Naomi, a visit to Tarpon Springs to buy sea sponges, my first taste of Tropicana-brand orange juice (we didn't have it in Canada back then), spending a day at Sea World, and a church experience I will never forget. I was a church-goer in those days, so one Sunday morning Naomi took me to her church - a drive-in church. If you think of the drive-in movie concept, it was pretty much the same. We drove to the back of the church and parked in clear view of the the pastor's podium, which was located behind a glass window on the second floor of the church for all the people in cars to see. I can't recall how we heard the sermon.. it was probably a channel on the radio we had to tune in to. I had never seen anything like it - you could literally attend church wearing your pajamas.

That first trip seems so long ago now, but I still get the same feeling of excitement when I travel today. It was just the beginning!

This is the second post in the "20 Beaches and Counting" series. In my first post I share the first beach of my childhood.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

20 Beaches and Counting: My First

The other day my mind wandered over to the beach, and I missed being there. I thought about all the beaches that have been a part of my life over the years, and decided to feature one beach each week in this blog, along with a memory and a photo. I'm up to 20 beaches, but I keep remembering more each day, so the number may change from week to week. Ah.. the beach.

This week I'm remembering a beach in Port Credit, on Lake Ontario. I lived with my family on that beach from the time I was about a year old until I was seven years old, at which time my parents separated and we were forced to move. Our backyard actually backed right on to the lake. It was a rocky beach, and I remember spending hours walking upon the rocks, alone, collecting pieces of coloured glass, of which I would smash between two large rocks, into powder (now that I'm thinking back, I wonder just how "big" those rocks could have been in the hands of a 7 year old?). I would then pour the bits of glass powder into a clear glass jar, and with each piece, the jar would take on the beautiful colour of that glass, layer upon layer.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Next "30-day Personal Revolution"

She's done it again, Amanda the @sexythinker has posted her 30-day Personal Revolution, again inspiring me to match it with one of my own.

First, for those of you who follow me here, I'd like to introduce you to two of my other blogs: Mexico.. Casi Cielo and A Good Connection. The first will house all of my blogs on Mexico, and will include an area of "good news" about Mexico, updated daily. I've also listed some of the other blogs/websites I like to frequently visit, especially when it's freezing cold outside here in Toronto and I want a hit of Mexican warmth. The second blog is where I wear my professional hat, and blog about everything and anything communciations or social media-related.

So back to my 30-day Personal Revolution. From now until my next trip to Mexico on April 14th I will do the following:

1. Gym or yoga twice weekly
2. Work out at home twice weekly
3. Continue helping V build her business using social media tools (it's been so much fun so far!)
4. Start helping T make connections and bring awareness to her brand through various social media platforms
5. Get those business cards
6. No more candy
7. Write one blog a week, alternating between my two other blogs: A Good Connection and Mexico.. Casi Cielo
8. Continue weekly Spanish lessons
9. Clean oven and fridge thoroughly
9. Schedule floor renovation
10. Make time for friends each week

Wish me luck!