Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Next "30-day Personal Revolution"

She's done it again, Amanda the @sexythinker has posted her 30-day Personal Revolution, again inspiring me to match it with one of my own.

First, for those of you who follow me here, I'd like to introduce you to two of my other blogs: Mexico.. Casi Cielo and A Good Connection. The first will house all of my blogs on Mexico, and will include an area of "good news" about Mexico, updated daily. I've also listed some of the other blogs/websites I like to frequently visit, especially when it's freezing cold outside here in Toronto and I want a hit of Mexican warmth. The second blog is where I wear my professional hat, and blog about everything and anything communciations or social media-related.

So back to my 30-day Personal Revolution. From now until my next trip to Mexico on April 14th I will do the following:

1. Gym or yoga twice weekly
2. Work out at home twice weekly
3. Continue helping V build her business using social media tools (it's been so much fun so far!)
4. Start helping T make connections and bring awareness to her brand through various social media platforms
5. Get those business cards
6. No more candy
7. Write one blog a week, alternating between my two other blogs: A Good Connection and Mexico.. Casi Cielo
8. Continue weekly Spanish lessons
9. Clean oven and fridge thoroughly
9. Schedule floor renovation
10. Make time for friends each week

Wish me luck!

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