Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halfway Through

“Change begins with drawing a line between now and something different, then crossing it.” -Talent Revolution

Today is November 15th and I am officially halfway through my first 30-day Personal Revolution. I say first, because creating a new 30-day bucket list is something I plan to commit to at the beginning of each month.

Why did I start this now? I mean, for a lot of people, January is the beginning of the rest of their life, right? Well, for me, it’s around October of each year that I start thinking about making some changes. It might have something to do with my birthday falling in October, or because here in Toronto, the weather is changing.. leaves changing to wonderful hues of orange, yellow and crimson, the temperature starts dropping and the days become shorter. All of a sudden, the summer is a distant memory. The world is changing around me and it speaks to me about making some of my own changes.

Back to my 30-day bucket list. How am I doing? Well, on some things I’m doing great, and on others, not so much. Let’s start with what I’ve found to be the most challenging - my fitness goals. Twice a week yoga and twice a week workout at the gym or a run outside. Over the past two weeks I’ve met half of those goals each week. The yoga’s been good, but the rest, not really. I need to figure this out and adjust for December. Finding something I enjoy doing is important and I’m just not enjoying the gym. And it’s too cold to run outside. I’ll figure it out.

Last week I attended my first Third Tuesday Toronto meet-up and had the pleasure of listening to @RichardatDell speak about social media at Dell. Interesting and a great opportunity to get together with a room full of people who are doing social media. I also joined TweetGasm, a monthly meet-up of social media people at the Gladstone Hotel here in Toronto. By the way, the Gladstone Hotel's website describes the term "Tweetgasm" as a word "to describe a tweet that was too good to be true, causing intense elation and sharing in the Twittersphere!" Interesting - I can hardly wait to attend! Haha. Point two on my bucket list is moving along nicely. I've also made an effort over the past two weeks to engage in more conversations online. Sitting back and observing comes much more natural to me, so this is one goal I need to keep working at.

I’m happy to report that I have not bought even one item of clothing since I committed to it in my blog and it feels great! I’ve also found that I have plenty of clothes and am in need of nothing. One of the secrets to keeping this promise to myself is of course, staying away from stores and malls.

I have started painting my kitchen walls a lovely "classic ivory" and I should be able to finish by the end of the month. The kid’s room, however, will most likely be pushed to my December bucket list. I’ve also put a good dent into my Christmas shopping.

The last point on my list is probably the area where I have made the most progress and am most excited about. Unfortunately I’m unable to be completely candid in this space about it, but let me just say that I'm beginning to see some of my dreams for the future unfold, and it's pretty exciting!

So that’s how I’m doing at the halfway mark. I'm "drawing a line between here and something different..." How about you? What’s on your bucket list for the next 30 days?


meg said...

I'll say it again, awesome and inspiring stuff Wendy. Congratulations you're doing wonderfully and your writing keep getting better and better! Thank you for sharing.

WendyPGreene said...

Thanks Megan, I appreciate the support!