Monday, November 1, 2010

My 30-day Personal Revolution

After months of searching for the perfect conference on social media, I finally decided on Ungeeked Elite in Toronto. Reviewing the agenda, it looked as though there would some excellent speakers, great content and it was happening in my very own city. Attending a social media conference had been a goal of mine for this year, as part of the coaching program we have at T.E. Wealth. It had been a few years since I had attended one and I knew it was time to be updated, refreshed and connected to what was happening in the world of social media today. I wanted to attend a conference that wasn’t too basic (after all, I had been using social media tools for a few years now) or too technical. I’m glad I attended Ungeeked Elite, it was exactly what I had been looking for.

One of the speakers, Amanda Hite (she reminds me of dark-haired version of Jackie Warner, whom I adore) is full of energy and spirit. She’s one of those women you notice the moment she enters a room. Amanda (@sexythinker) spoke about her journey from corporate America to what she does now at her very own company - Talent Revolution . Her story was so inspiring, and the video she showed us at the end of her presentation, "Live as if addicted" brought tears to my eyes. Her presentation inspired me to try her “30-day Personal Revolution” on my own. The idea is to create a 30-day bucket list based on the values of authenticity, lifestyle, and purpose. You set your goals, 30 days at a time, and become your own change agent. To keep yourself accountable, you publish your list and update your followers via Twitter, using the hashtag #TR30days. So here goes.. today is November 1st. Follow me if you’d like, at @wendypgreene.

My 30-day Personal Revolution - November

I will give my attention to the people who genuinely care about me
I will seek out opportunities to connect with others doing social media well
I will practice yoga 2x each week
I will run or go to the gym 2x per week
I will not buy even one item of clothing
I will be more engaged online
I will paint my kitchen
I will finish my Christmas shopping!
I will clear out my daughter’s play room
I will daily seek the direction in which to go that makes me happy

Wish me luck! And go watch the video that sparked this for me.. It’s really good! Oh, and one more thing.. What’s on your bucket list for the next 30 days?


meg said...

Awesome Wendy! This is inspiring stuff, good luck!

Amanda Hite said...