Monday, April 1, 2013

Finding the Courage to Act

It's been about a month now since I walked into the CEO's office and gave him my notice. Since then, I've sold my house, found a condo to rent, and am on my way towards starting full-time university in May.

What has been so interesting to me is people's reactions to my plans.  Most people have been supportive and are really happy for me, calling me things like "courageous" and "brave." One person even said that I was his hero. All of this feels really great and makes me think I'm on to something really good ahead.

A couple of people have nervously expressed that they hope I know what I'm doing and that I'm making the right decision. I understand where they're coming from.  In fact, I expected more reactions like that than what I got.  I think it we naturally assume the worst outcome of a scary decision and so I expected people would think I was nuts.  I mean, who quits their job with no job to go to, sells their house and plans to go back to school full-time (with people young enough to be my children, I might add)? Believe me, I asked myself the same questions before I really decided I was going to do this.

What has been sad for me is that I am finding that many people want to make their own changes - change a job, a relationship, a living situation - whatever, but too often allow fear to stop them.  "Not everyone is like you" a couple of people have said, meaning that not everyone can act on a decision to change.  Well, I know nobody is like me but that doesn't mean I am so unique in wanting to change something and then doing it. Or am I? One friend told me, "Wow, you just make a decision and then you do it." Again, I'm not getting why that is a novel concept. And I know I may sound unempathetic, but if you are stuck, meaning you know what you want to do, but can't for whatever reason do it, please don't give up. Talk to people, keep looking for answers, do what you need to do to muster the courage to act.

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone acted on their decisions?  Not on every whim or emotional urge, but once something is thought out and decided, what if everyone just went for it?

How great would that be.  


Craig Zabransky said...

woohoo... congrats. so glad to read this and glad you are making changes to create the life of your dreams...

and i agree, others CAN do it too and hopefully you will show them the way and lead by example.

stay adventurous, Craig

Wendy said...

Thanks Craig, I always appreciate your support and encouragement.
I'm looking forward to meeting you in a couple of months!