Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dare to Move on

As I look at my blog, I realize I've neglected writing for a few months. What also occurs to me is the design I chose for my background - a paint roller and paint. You see, I have been busy painting my townhouse - first the living room, then the basement and now I am finishing up the former "baby room" which, by the way, has taken three coats to cover the murals I had previously painted when we moved in.
I have lived in this place for over six years, and now I am making it all pretty to sell. I've been cleaning and clearing out clutter every weekend this month and I can finally see the progress.  Almost done.

Moving on can be scary - whether it be from house to house or from love to love lost, but I believe we know within ourselves when the moving on is necessary. Preparing to move from my house to another has been exciting, as it speaks of starting over and of new beginnings and for me it is part of a much bigger plan for my life. Moving on from love to love lost however, has not been as exciting but rather painful and even when it is the right decision, it can be difficult to go through.

Not all decisions to move on feel good, but I believe that within all of us is the sense of whether the decision is a good one or not.. apart from the emotion. The key is to listen to that voice within, that deeper part of yourself that knows what's best.

Trust your heart and dare to move on.

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