Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Relevant

It is what we all want, isn't it? To be relevant. To matter. It's the reason so many of us women find the aging process daunting, to say the least. So many millions of dollars are spent on anti-aging products, plastic surgery and hair dye. Our obsession with preserving our face and body is directly linked to our desire of preserving our relevance. This is especially true for women who have felt their worth as young women, through their physical beauty. Which is probably many of us, I mean, society pretty much tells us every day that our relevance is connected to how we look.

For others of us, relevance comes into question when we don't get that promotion we thought we deserved and knew would be perfect, or when we fail at losing those ten pounds we promised would be gone by the end of January. Betrayal or rejection from friends or family, another area that makes us question, "do I matter?" We allow others to determine how we see ourselves. But why?

What if we were to change the way we thought about ourselves and realized that we are relevant - simply because we exist? What if we cultivated a feeling of relevance that comes from deep within us and is based upon... simply being? Imagine if nothing external determined whether we mattered or not, but we were here with a unique purpose and calling and that was reason enough to make us relevant. What would happen if we began to realize, we matter as much as anyone else? What would that look like?

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Don't know if I can leave alink here or not, so you might have to type this into your browser, but I thought this video was exactly about what you are writing about here: