Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Week and a Half In

Well, I'm a week and an half into full-time school and I must say, it feels pretty good.  For May and June I'm taking two courses - Non-Verbal Communication and Visual Communication.  Each course is twice a week, so that means I'm driving out to Waterloo three days a week.  Not too shabby.

At the same time, my condo rental is shaping up nicely.  My daughter's bed is up so now we just have to go out and buy the mattress. An Ikea box lays open with the contents staring back at me.  One day it will turn into a shoe rack, I promise.  And the new printer.. well, my daughter will help me get that up and running too. I'm blessed to have a child who enjoys putting things together and figuring out how they work.

The best part of my courses so far is that for Visual Communication, one of my assignments has been to create a blog on Tumblr.  I'm actually going to get graded on creating a blog - how great is that?! If you want to check it out, it's here. I tend to update that blog more regularly than this one at the moment. And the other great thing about all of this is that I feel as though my day-to-day life now has meaning and purpose. It's how I'm 'daring to live' my life right now. And it feels wonderful.

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