Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dare to Explore: Bruce County, Part Two

Continuing from part one, my daughter and I used our destination of Summer House Park at Miller Lake as a base to explore the Bruce County area. After kayaking on Miller Lake after breakfast one morning, we took the drive up highway #6 to Litle Cove Adventures where I had read about a ropes course we could do. Well, it turns out we couldn't do it after all, because I had only packed flip flops and they require you wear running shoes.  We put it on our list to do next year.

So on to Tobermory we went. Tobermory is a town at the northern peak of the Bruce Peninsula.  From there you have your choice of cruises to see the area, or to get over to Manitoulin Island, on the Chi-Cheemaun ferry, vehicle and all.  The little town itself has many little shops, cafes and restaurants that sit along a road that bends around a marina.

One of our favourite places to eat was Sharky's Grill, located just outside the main tourist marina area.

We loved the homemade veggie burgers and the whitefish sandwiches. 

The Grille is connected to store that covers different levels, full of eclectic and bohemian-inspired clothes, jewellry and garden items, while Bob Marley music plays in the background. A really special place. We would place our order with the friendly owner at what looks like a take-out window located on the second level, spend some time looking around and them come back to a table to eat.

One night we took the sunset cruise from Tobermory, a two hour boat ride along the coast of Georgian Bay. The boat left the dock at 7:40pm, with a sunset scheduled for 8:10pm.  I took so many photos, here are a few of them.

We saw some people here, jumping off the rocks into the water below.  I'm told that it's possible to hike to this spot (the "Grotto") from Highway 6.  Another thing to add to our list of things to do next time.

Do you see the Inukshuk?

And then, as the name of the cruise suggests, the sunset.

Other cruises are available, the most popular being the one to Flower Pot Island.  This too we added to our list of things to do next year (we're going to be busy!). We spent our last night back in Port Elgin, and took in the annual Bruce Nuclear Beach Party the next day before heading home.

I would have to say, the best part of our vacation was: the time we spent together having fun without a schedule, the nice local people we met, the new road signs (thank you!), the perfect beach weather, daring to explore new areas and leaving with some great memories.

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