Friday, May 18, 2012

Sign Posts

While in Mexico, I often look for new photo opportunities. But this last trip being my eleventh time visiting Playa del Carmen and Tulum, I thought finding original photos would be a bit of a challenge. On this particular trip, my sister and I came across various quotes and sayings. A lover of inspirational quotes, I found it interesting I had never noticed these before. Were these sign posts new or had they always been there? As I took a photo of one, and then another, I realized this was what this trip was going to be about - inspiration. Here are a few I captured.
I spotted this first sign as my sister and I left La Azotea's rooftop bar, located on Playa del Carmen's busy 5th Avenue. It speaks of love, laughter, fun and freedom. I had taken my sister to this fabulous bar and we spent the warm night talking, laughing and sharing as we enjoyed our newfound discovery of flavoured vodka with Sprite cocktails. The words of this sign made me smile, as God is portrayed as something at our level that we can relate to. The message reminded me to get into the rhythm of love and fun more often. I often need this reminder!
This sign was also from the same bar. It's the words below La Azotea that caught my attention- "It's not about the cards, it's about how you play with them." We are all dealt certain cards throughout our lives- some good; some bad. What we do with our circumstances and opportunities is how we create the life we want to live. It's a reminder to me to continually be in a state of creating the life that is best for me. It's a work in progress for sure.
We came across this sign during a walk on the beach at Tulum. That was our day of ultimate relaxation as we lounged on beds at El Bistro (Ziggy's Beach), on the beautiful white-sand beach, beneath a coconut tree for shade. This sign reminds me of the power of our thoughts in creating the life we want. Feel thoughts of love, joy and hope more often and watch how your path is shaped into something magnificent. I see this played out in my life every day.

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