Monday, September 13, 2010

She's Making a Change

One of my closest friends is about to embark on a journey. She will be leaving her safe and secure nine-to-five job in a couple of weeks to pursue her dream. We hear these stories all the time, don’t we, but have you heard the one about the girl who leaves her job to find out WHAT her dream may be? That’s my friend. She doesn’t see the other side of the bridge quite yet, but she sees the beginning right there in front of her and she’s taking that first step. My friend is also a cancer survivor and has a unique perspective on life that only someone who has overcome such a sickness could have. She is just too aware that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and that if we want to do something, accomplish something, change something, we better get moving to get it done.. today.

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Marj said...

How wonderful. I wish her a great journey and a wonderful dream discovery.